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Frank Schaeffer
Posted: Oct 13, 2008 11:37 PM
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Did any one by any chance read that book from Frank Schaeffer :" CRAZY FOR GOD?" Yet?

He was tonight on Democracy and also read an open letter to Senator McCain.
He supported him in the year 2000.

I would like your opinion. Very interesting and very scary. Gives a person some thing to think about our future.

Have a blessed tomorrow.
Re: Frank Schaeffer
Posted: Oct 14, 2008 12:55 AM   in response to: Waltraut in response to: Waltraut
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Frank Schaeffer is the son of Francis Schaeffer who wrote
The Christian Manifesto in response to the Communist Manifesto,

From what I understand Frank's book Crazy for God describes his father Francis in very negative terms.
I checked it out on Wiki and it said that OS Guiness, a friend of the Schaeffers who lived with the Schaeffers described Crazy for God as a
scurrilous caricature and that no one should take Frank's allegations at face value..

Yes, it would give someone something to think about being that Obama is often described as a Marxist.

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Re: Frank Schaeffer
Posted: Oct 14, 2008 7:50 AM   in response to: guest in response to: guest
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Gloria, I will let you know, if OS Guinness is right, after I read the book. I was impressed with his interview ,

I don't see Senator Obama as a Marxist. My word, we studies that book in school, 65 years ago I remember the lesson well, but I felt so stupid, at that time, because I did not understand Marx .My Father had a fit, what they taught us in school. But that was 1942 and he could not say any thing. Parents had to except, what they taught in school at that time. .

Senator Obama and is wife came up the hard way. They worked for their education, got scholarships etc. and they are sure educated and smart. They did not had the Beer money from their parents. We have to be fair.

There is another book, we are reading right now and that is :" THE TERROR DREAM " written by Susan Faludi, Author of Backlash.
It is a book about Myth and Misogyny in an insecure America.

Maybe you find some time to read some of the books , not the ones I am reading,some of the books others recommend. I find this Book Club section very useful .

Have a blessed Day.