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Thread: Weight Loss Challenge: 3, We The People

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Greg Mumm

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Weight Loss Challenge: 3, We The People
Posted: Jan 22, 2011 1:37 PM
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People are important. Ask anyone.

People can hurt you, and people can help you.

Why would anyone hurt you? Sometimes friends and family are threatened by your new workouts or your new healthy eating (or any other change for that matter). They won't consciously harm you, but they may gently resist or simply not help.

The solution? Be open and honest from the beginning. Explain your goals and explain it's not a fad.

Mobs of people want to help you. Ask those special close friends or family members that are on your side. Consider a professional, like a local fitness trainer. Find a partner, buddy or someone to be your motivational coach.

Openly communicate with anyone who might be threatened by your workouts and keep your supportive friends close.

There's more to exercise than the exercises. People are important.

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Re: Weight Loss Challenge: 3, We The People
Posted: Jan 23, 2011 3:22 PM   in response to: Greg Mumm in response to: Greg Mumm
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OK here is what I flatly DO NOT understand so help me out here, why in the world would ANYONE be threatened AT ALL, threatened IN THE LEAST by someone's workout?
Greg Mumm

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Re: Weight Loss Challenge: 3, We The People
Posted: Jan 25, 2011 9:45 PM   in response to: pancakemotor in response to: pancakemotor
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Understanding why someone may be threatened by your workout requires a shift in perspective. Take a deep breath and try to imagine, for just a moment, what the world may look like through someone else's eyes...

Pretend you are someone with poor self-esteem. You may also be overweight. The two are often found together like salt and pepper.

The internal critique that has always chattered away softly in the background now blares like a carnival barker. The negative thoughts that always bubbled through you unnoticed like a quiet brook, overflow in your mind like the banks of a swelling river.

You constantly compare yourself to others though you could never remember doing that before. Is that person smarter, skinnier, or more successful than me?

While you've never been sad or stressed for very long, it now seems like the pressure will never end. You feel unstoppably insecure and envious.

Through these eyes, what would you think if your spouse or close friend got serious about working out?

Now pretend you are someone with strong beliefs.

Instead of working towards a goal or trying to improve yourself, you just accept things the way they are. The world isn't governed by choices, it's governed by luck or birthright.

Instead of considering new things, you become controlled by habits. You've never exercised before, therefore you can't start now. You always ate meat and potatoes and you can't start now. Inconceivable!

Through these eyes, what would you think if your son wants to eat something different at supper? What if you're live-in mom wants to exercise during "Judge Judy" TV time?