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Thread: name calling

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name calling
Posted: Mar 6, 2012 7:54 AM
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i hate name calling. i think it lowers the speaker - if you can't get your point across without stooping to name calling - forget it. when i read comments at the end of a news item - as soon as it stoops to name calling - i am out of there.

interesting story this morning on the news.

is there a difference between attacking political people, specifically presidential candidates and regular citizens?

is it less wrong for mahar to call sarah palin names than it is for rush to call the lady speaking birth control names? did anyone start attacking the men who spoke to that committee?

does the fact that mahar has no sponsors and rush does, or the fact that no political names are behind mahar and the gop seems to be afriad of rush make any difference?

if i understood, mrs bush said this morning that this will be the dirtest campaign yet. why is our country sinking so low?

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Re: name calling
Posted: Mar 6, 2012 8:24 AM   in response to: wanderer in response to: wanderer
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I seldom see Maher so don't know how he comes across.
I did not hear anyone attacking the committee men. {as yet}

I see her as a private citizen and think Rush was waaaaaay off base. Not only for the name calling but ,it seems perverse for him to ask to see films of her making "amateur porn." . Also, he doesn't seem to know how birth control works when he should, having been married 4 times without having any kids. Something doesn't add up there.

I want to say here and now, I'm biased against most "shock jocks" but Rush in particular. He's the first one I heard and think his life style doesn't fit with the conservative mold.

Have to give it more thought.

Yes B. Bush thinks it's a dirty campaign but it has been at least since the "birthers" got into the picture.