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Thread: Calling all writers... what do you like to write?

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Calling all writers... what do you like to write?
Posted: Mar 10, 2012 1:52 PM
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I was wondering--how many "serious" writers are here? And what do you most of you write in general?

I've always had ideas for science fiction, but lately have been learning what makes science fiction, science fiction. There's a fine line between that and fantasy. I also have been working on a few realistic fiction books based on some experiences I've had. Lastly, I do write poems. Someday I want to write a biography about my dad, perhaps about my favorite Christian artist, too--Michael W. Smith.

And how did any of you start out writing? I'd have to say Narnia was a major inspiration, but I also got ideas from TV shows.
Re: Calling all writers... what do you like to write?
Posted: Mar 12, 2012 7:08 AM   in response to: guest in response to: guest
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Hi there! I haven't had anything published, except on forums such as these. I've written several detective stories, including one that could qualify as a science-fiction story, One Size Cures All.

These stories aren't on here fpr a reason, Be warned.....

Mostly, I write poetry, mainly parodies, but other stuff, too....

I got started after a boy ran out in front of my car, and ended up in the hospital with a broken leg. The accident freaked out, and I wrote a poem about it as therapy. It came out pretty well, and I just kept writing.

Keep writing, that is the secret. Not all of it will be good, most of it won't be good, but the share that is good will grow the more you write.


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Re: Calling all writers... what do you like to write?
Posted: Mar 14, 2012 5:19 PM   in response to: guest in response to: guest
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Hi, novembergirl. I love to write, and I write all kinds of stuff--poetry, essays, fiction prose. I like science fiction, but also write on other topics as well. I've posted some of my stuff here on this thread, but I've never been published for real.
I first started writing by taking notebook paper, cutting sheafs of it in half, trimming off the holes at the pink line, and gluing all the sheets together at one of the short ends to make bound commonplace books. I called these my "diaries," but they weren't--they were just repositories for anything I wanted to write. There wasn't much original stuff in those books...I basically wrote in the universe of whichever author or filmmaker took my fancy at the moment. Nowadays, they call that "fan fiction," and it's even considered semi-respectable!
One thing those books did do, however, was teach me how to write. The more I wrote, the better I got at "listening" to what I had written--the rhythm of a sentence, the rightness (or wrongness) of a chosen word or phrase, etc. I also learned how to "navigate the maze," by which I mean moving my characters and situations in the most logical, interesting ways to get them from the start of the story to its finish. Eventually, I also learned to walk away when I got stuck; when I come back to the "stuck" story, my brain can usually spot where I went wrong (if I did) and how to fix the problem.
Anyway, that's my sordid history of writing. Enjoy, and use anything that helps!

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Re: Calling all writers... what do you like to write?
Posted: Aug 13, 2014 2:26 PM   in response to: perelandra in response to: perelandra
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I'm just joining the discussion on writing. I started writing when I sat through very boring meetings. I wondered how I could kill the speaker and not get caught. That thought led me to right three short mysteries. Then I read an article of a young girl on a picnic with her parents and witnessed the murder of three sheep men by cattle men. Everyone in the town knew the family could identify the murders, but they never did. The young girl was interviewed by a reporter when she was in her eighties and still would not identify the killers. I wondered why. Which led me to write Range War Legacy. It is in ebook format. Does anyone out there in the writing world know how do I get the word out that the book is on the market? I would like to hear from you about your writing, its frustrations and joys.