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Thread: bakeless bake sale letter

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bakeless bake sale letter
Posted: Sep 27, 2005 3:25 PM
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Our congregation would like to do a bakeless bake sale as a fund raiser, we need the letter to send out for this event. Please help us!

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Re: bakeless bake sale letter
Posted: Dec 1, 2005 12:51 PM   in response to: gracie in response to: gracie
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Don't know if you've already received this information, but I just came across it while searching for something else.

The Bakeless Bake Sale Fundraising Poem

Many is the time I heard you say
I would rather give a "Dollar" than bake today
And so, we are asking you to help more or less
To make our Bakeless Bake Sale a big success.

Just send us the money that it would take
To Bake a loaf of bread or a beautiful cake
Or send in the amount of money it takes to buy
A dozen rolls or maybe a pie
We know you can help us if you will but try.

I am buying or baking the items marked below.

Items for Sale Items you Bake/Donate
____Cupcakes: 2 for a dollar _____3 doz. cupcakes: $4.00
____Chocolate cookies: 6 for $1.00 _____3 doz. chocolate cookies: $6.00
____Brownies 12 for $3.00 _____3 doz. brownies: $8.00
____Dutch Apple Pie $5.00 _____3 Home made pies: $10.00
____Strawberry Cheesecake $7.00 _____2 strawberry cheesecakes: $15.00

Another Bakeless Bake Sale Fundraising Poem

A bit of news we have today...
A BAKELESS BAKE SALE is on the way.
In these busy days, who wants to bake,
A pie or cookies or even a cake.

You�d be surprised if you counted the cost,
of ingredients, heat, and the time you�ve lost.
Baking for sales is extra work.
Yet nobody really wants to shirk.

So we�ve thought of a plan that�s really grand,
and feel quite sure you�ll understand.
In an envelope, if you like, please include the price...
of a pie or cake or anything nice.

Without fuss or bother, you�ve done your part.
We hope you�ll give with a willing heart.
Wishing success for our BAKELESS BAKE SALE,
This is the end of our little tale.

Bakeless Bake Sale Fundraising

A bit of news we have today
A Bakeless Bake Sale is on the way.
These busy days, who has the time to bake
Pies, cookies, or even a cake?

We�ve thought of a plan that�s truly grand,
And feel quite sure that you�ll understand.
In an envelope please put the price
Of a pie, or cake or something nice.

No fuss or bother, you've done your part,
This is the end of our little tale,
Help make a success of

Fundraiser sponsored by


Please make checks payable to:

And mail to:

or place your donation in the �CAKE BOX� found in the sanctuary!!